Something Like Heaven

Just like a Dream

Now that's an open book...

I'm blessed with a truly beautiful life, and not just in my mind. My family is huge and they love me as much as I love them. Quitting smoking is the best thing I've ever done for myself, well, besides quitting drinking. My family owns a Hip-Hop Nightclub, I help them run it by night. By day, I work at the city library. To the world that makes me a librarian, but to librarians in the know, I just work at the library. To be a librarian you'd have to have a degree in library science. My degree is in fashion merchandising. I once owned a vintage and antigue clothing store, but I was terribly busy, too busy to live right or well, so I sold off bits and closed it up. I've worked in live theater since high school and have costumed professionaly for 17 years. Never on stage, always behind. Honestly, I prefer to pull the strings. Dressing myself has been the most challenging, dressing my daughters, the most rewarding.

I love my life and I thank Jehovah(He Who made all things) for it, may He be pleased with it, it's all I have to give Him.

10 things you should know about me;

1. I dislike pickles on my hamburgers, but they are fine on the side.
2. I have ocd issues with sinks, coffee tables, and striped or plaid bedspreads.
3. I am quite comfortable with my back towards the door of any restaurant.
4. Socks have a right and left side.
5. I am constantly on the go, you'll only reach me on my cell phone. I tend to get caught places for days and really live out of 3 suitcases in my car. As a result of this, I have a fabulous set of matching luggage.
6. My daughters really are my best friends, followed closely by my mother. shhh! don't let anybody know that.
7. I adore costumes and fine clothes, but I'm really a levi and hanes girl. Have been and will be all my life!
8. I am Christian because I have a relationship with Jesus, Whom I call Michael. But I like to study religions, most recenty Kabbalistic Judaism and Islam.
9. I am really a very simple girl hidden under lots of complexities.
10. I use movies the way other people use music. (shrug)

bonus 11. I'm crazy as usual!

** bonus 12. I truly believe that prayer- as in - thoughtful communion with your higher power- moves mountains ;D

Favorite Types of Music; Hip-Hop, Classical, Classic Rock, Big Hair Bands, Ragtime, Rockabilly, Modern Christian Rock, Techno Opera, Opera, Some Top 4o, Musicals, Motion Picture Soundtracks, R&B, Big Band, 80's Metal, Punk Rock
Favorite All-Time Bands; The Rolling Stones, The Clash...tsk...I think it's that bad boy thing. Umm.. and then there's Fleetwood Mac and Heart....YEAH!! ROCK ON!
Favorite Actors; Vincent Cassel, Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite Female Actors; I love all actresses
Favorite Solo Performers Male; Tom Jones and Prince...tsk...I think it's that happy music thing. And then there's Cab Calloway
Favorite Solo Performers Female; Stevie Nicks, Patsy Kline, Peggy Lee. Umm and then there's Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion...J-Lo

I don't believe I've met a movie I didn't like. I can find something to like in all of them. I prefer ones with happy endings, because I believe in the art form so totally that I feel they should convey hope.

First screenings are all about the story, the experience of being swept away.
Second screenings are all about costumes.
Third screenings set design.
Fourth screenings screenplay.
Fifth Screenings cinematography.
Sixth screenings pyrotechnics.
Seventh screenings car chases and choreography.
Eighth screenings animal actors.
Ninth screenings location.

I do have a favorite director, Francis Ford Coppola, for oh so many reasons...Ang Lee follows closely behind and Stanley Kubrick, but only for Barry Lyndon, which was shot with only natural and candle light.
In all fairness I did like 2001, it took me two years to watch it. I kept falling asleep, so it's a sleep movie for me, like Dune is. That doesn't make it bad, just that I like to sleep to it.
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