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Function over from
So, as I've said Miss Sissy and I are diligently searching for ways to bring green into our daily lives.
This is a picture of the horrific flourescent bulbs we purchased for her bathroom. They replaced the cute, normal bulbs even though we're both "offended" by the shape.
Sometime after we purchased these the maker addressed the form and more stylized ones are available now.
So five years from now and at $20 a pop we'll replace the row of phallus with more friendly looking ovum shaped flourescent bulbs.
In other green news~
Snow has started lobbying all her purse brigade friends to mail in or purchase the new Target recycled bag.
And in a few weeks we'll receive our new city rented recycling bin.
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Almost forgot to post this.
My cake!
No, I was not awake when I cut the first piece that I shared with Summer.
I'm not even sure there's coffee brewing in the background.
And on a side note, the kitchen IS that 70's avacado. Sometime in the early 80's, the owners wallpapered with strawberries. But it matches one of the oldest things Miss Sissy owns, a strawberry cookie jar.
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There was a ruckus in the backyard last night. With some growling and no meow.
When I got home today, about 5:30, I found what it was. Roped around the camelia bush by the front door, was a baby opposum. He was holding on tight with his "people" like hands and his tail wrapping up behind him.
Scared the hell out of me. But so cute.
I'd take a picture but I can't find it now.
That scares me more!
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This is generally a logistics nghtmare! Because I'm a twin with a huge family that I love and that loves me. I got smart this year and had lunch with my dad a month ago and dinner with my mom, 2 weeks ago. They are divorced.
If God has any mercy for me I'll have some overpriced, fattening coffee with the girls today and some decadent dessert for breakfast.
That leaves tomorrow morning to call my brother at 6:00 am here/ 4:00 his time in California like a kick in the womb! I'm still three minutes older, so I think that's fair >; D
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He was so excited!
I got to meet his old team mates and his fraternity brothers. Pronounced "bras".
Omg the silliness. They played "Atomic Dog" at the club and they all went out and did the Omega Psi Phi stomp. Wish I had video.

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So, I got to Saul's early. He was running last minute errands and I popped "The Shinning" in the tv. Got a really good screen shot there.
That's the dress I wore out to a club Saturday night.
I'm glad I wore a scarf to the races. It had been raining, so the humidity wrecked my hair. They were at night so I didn't need the sunblock. But I was a little windburned.
Ok. I can only post one pic at a time from my phone, so more later.
Sorry if I spam your friends page.
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Last year was a really bad year for conservationists.
I don't in anyway mean that there weren't many, many good things happening. Just that there were some extreme examples of carelessness.
In The Congo, an entire family of Lowland Gorillas was slaughtered. The papa, two mamas killed. I'm glad I don't know about the babies.
Then Tatiana and Benazir.
Siberian and Indian tigers. All of these glorious animals are on the nearly extinct side of the endangered list.
Yes I eat meat and wear leather and own fur.
I think that's why I care. I still need animals.
When people like crowjoy live the way they do, it gives me heaps of faith in the human species.
I do my humble share. I may not be able to work a farm, but I give money to the people who take care of these animals.
Miss Sissy and I want to explore more ways of living green.
Ones we can sustain.
I will never give up my fur.
I just think burning it or throwing it away doesn't do the animal justice. So I just won't wear it anymore.
So, what can you do to shrink your carbon footprint?
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Ok, there's supposed to be a picture attached to this post. I'm posting from my Blackberry, as I do 99% of the time. If there's no picture, bear with me as I try to figure out how.
I promise I won't spam.
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Postponed because I was so hyper I couldn't sleep when we got home and am exhausted.
Exhausted eyes hurt even more from pollen.
Benadryl makes exhausted eyes from lack of sleep and pollen even drier along with contacts because I'm a glutton, but the sneezings stopped.
And my first patron this morning was a middle school girl whose mother had punched her in the eye and I am bound by law and morals to file a report. So when I've done that, you'll get "us" travelling together hilarity.
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